A Compilation of the Best Writing on Masculinity, Philosophy and Life

Three Years of Hate is a compilation of over 60 of my best blog posts from my old site In Mala Fide, from nearly 1,000 that were written. They include topics on game, dating, sex, self-improvement, politics, American society, humor and more.

Here is a sample of 10 titles included in the compilation...

  • The Eternal Solipsism of the Female Mind
  • Pornonomics
  • The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
  • The Rape-Supporter Quiz
  • Why Nobody Likes Nerds, and Why You're Justified in Hating Them
  • Why I Hate the Day After Thanksgiving
  • Dead Meat
  • Advice for Young Men
  • The Right to Get Laid
  • National F*** a Ginger Day

The 486-page book is organized into a preface and four chapters...

  • 1. Sexuality: Articles on men, women and sex roles
  • 2. What's Wrong with the World: On the state of modern society
  • 3. The Tao of Ferd: Essays on life philosophy
  • 4. Humor and Satire: Parodies and lighthearted articles

Praise for Three Years of Hate

…a great introductory book for the young man or woman about to take the red pill.

Aaron Clarey, Captain Capitalism

Matt was always a terrific writer no matter the nom de plume, and this exhaustive manifesto of his worldview was even more interesting the second time around.

Black Knight, Man Ex Machina

You will not like [Three Years of Hate], but it will make you consider what you are doing, and where we are going.

Chris Gale, Amazon

If you are looking to see a number of society’s untouchable shibboleths virulently attacked, then you are in the right place.

Free Northerner, FreeNortherner.com

Sometimes the author is right, sometimes he's wrong (sometimes preposterously wrong), but he's usually entertaining and almost always makes a good faith effort to provoke you into hating him.

Not So-Called, Amazon

If you’re looking for a good read that showcases some of the founding manosphere principles, I highly suggest checking out Three Years of Hate.

Robert Koch, 30 Days to X

[Three Years of Hate] really changed the way I thought.

Spike G., Amazon

Read Three Years of Hate to understand why young men are unimpressed with the world our parents have left us.

Tim, Spootville

Three Years of Hate is a must-read for anyone interested in better understanding the world today. The book is available in both paperback and e-book formats...

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