A Strategy Guide That Shows You How to Hitchhike Safely and Efficiently

The Hitchhiking Crash Course is a travel guide that shows you how to hitchhike: how to get rides quickly, how to protect yourself from predators, how to deal with the police and more.

Here's what you'll find inside...

  • Reasons why you should consider hitchhiking
  • How to prepare for a hitchhiking trip
  • Where to thumb for rides
  • How to get people to pick you up quickly
  • Where to sleep when you're out on the road
  • Survival strategies for men and women hitchhikers
  • How to deal with police

Much of the book is dedicated to getting rides. You'll read...

  • The easiest and hardest places in the U.S. and Canada to hitchhike
  • A way of dressing that will let you get the most number of rides
  • The benefits of using a sign vs. using your thumb
  • Identifying the kinds of drivers who pick up hitchhikers
  • A trick that will let you score rides at truck stops easily
  • How hitchhiking with a partner can help or hinder you
  • How to thumb for a ride at night

The book teaches you what you need in order to go hitchhiking. You'll learn...

  • The most important thing you need before you set out
  • How to manage your money when you're on the road
  • The best kind of backpack to buy
  • What to take with you and how much of it to take
  • A list of supplements you need in order to stay healthy
  • How to plan out a hitchhiking route

Hitchhiking is safer than you think, but you still need to learn how to protect yourself. With that in mind, the book teaches you...

  • How to avoid getting run over by drivers
  • How to profile suspicious drivers
  • Tips to ensure your safety when you get in the car
  • How to escape from a dangerous driver
  • Special advice for women hitchhikers

I wrap the book up with a discussion about the law and police. You'll read...

  • How cops can be your worst enemy OR your best friend
  • The frame of mind you need when dealing with police
  • How to determine whether hitchhiking is legal in your area
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of an encounter with a cop

The 94-page book is organized into an introduction and six chapters...

  • 1. How to Prepare: What you need for a hitchhiking trip
  • 2. Where to Do It: The easiest places to thumb
  • 3. How to Do It: Getting rides as quickly as you can
  • 4. Staying Safe: Protecting yourself while on the road
  • 5. You and the Law: Surviving encounters with police
  • 6. Final Thoughts: A concise summary of what you've learned

Praise for The Hitchhiking Crash Course

...the precise and mandatory guide anybody considering hitchhiking needs.

Aaron Clarey, Captain Capitalism

…it may just motivate you to stick your thumb out and go on an adventure.

Black Knight, Man Ex Machina

This book is a must for anyone planning a hitchhiking trip, or for the lover of unconventional travel such as myself.

Dom Torres, Dom-Torres.com

I enjoyed this book largely because it illuminated an aspect of society that I previously knew nothing about.

G. Vanwagenen, Amazon

The book’s content is as interesting as it is useful, and has plenty of information that’s applicable to any type of adventurer.

Robert Koch, 30 Days to X

Forney makes a strong case for [hitchhiking's] viability, especially if you’re clean-cut and a functioning member of society.

Ruxman, Ruxman.com

This book is recommended for practical advice on hitchhiking…

Tim, Spootville

The Hitchhiking Crash Course aims to be a must-read guide for any man or woman who wants to go on a hitchhiking adventure. The book is available in both paperback and e-book formats...

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