A Story of Lust, Love and Fame in Modern America

Life During Peacetime is a comic memoir I wrote about a weekend I spent with a female fan of mine in upstate New York. I had invited her to my house partly because of my ego, partly because I cared about her (or at least thought I did). However, what happened next nearly killed the two of us.

I originally wrote Life During Peacetime as a series of posts on my blog. This 60-page book is based on those posts and has been edited for a general audience.

Praise for Life During Peacetime

"...a very well-written book."

Aaron Clarey, Captain Capitalism

Life During Peacetime is not only frank and honest about the nature of woman, but the nature of man, as well.

Davis Aurini, Stares at the World

Life During Peacetime is a funny as fuck short story that reads very much like an extended Delicious Tacos post, both in terms of style of writing and insight…

Francis Begbie, The Soul is Not a Smithy

Life During Peacetime isn’t as much a sex story as it is a story with sex in it.

Robert Koch, 30 Days to X

Life During Peacetime is available in both paperback and e-book formats...

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