A No-Nonsense Guide on How to Make Money Online

Confessions of an Online Hustler is a self-help guide that shows you how to create a blog that will make you money. In it, I debunk myths by lifestyle design gurus and provide advice on how to improve your writing skills, get readers quickly, deal with stalkers and haters, and more.

Here's what you'll find inside...

  • How to improve your skills as a writer
  • The basic principles of making money online
  • Where to host your blog or website
  • How to design a good-looking and functional website
  • How to gain an audience with minimal effort
  • How to make money from your blog
  • How to protect yourself from stalkers and crooks

Much of the book is dedicated to running a blog. You'll read...

  • Why you shouldn't start a blog hoping to get rich
  • How to become an engaging and talented writer
  • How to structure your online empire for maximum profit
  • The pros and cons of free vs. paid hosting plans
  • How to get started with WordPress in less than an hour
  • Tips and tricks on getting traffic to your blog quickly
  • How to turn blog traffic into profits

The book teaches you what you need in order to make money online. You'll learn...

  • Why online advertising is a waste of time
  • One thing you can start doing today that will make you a better writer
  • The easiest, simplest way to make money with a blog
  • How to turn a profit on your hobbies using a website
  • How to write books and sell them online

You can make a good deal of money online, but you'll also have to do a good deal of work. With that in mind, the book teaches you...

  • How to practice writing and slowly hone your skills
  • How to determine what people will pay you for
  • The single best way to gain a loyal audience for your blog
  • Why SEO (search engine optimization) is massively overrated
  • How to leverage social networking for maximum benefit
  • A simple, massively overlooked way to grow your audience

I wrap the book up with a discussion about online privacy. You'll read...

  • The single easiest way to avoid stalkers trying to destroy your life
  • How to lock down your online accounts
  • Why you should safeguard your IP address
  • What EXIF data is and how it can get you in trouble
  • How to keep people in your real life from discovering your blog

The 140-page book is organized into a foreword, preface, introduction and ten chapters...

  • 1. The Worst Reasons to Start Blogging: Debunking myths about making money online
  • 2. How to Become a Better Writer: Tips for improving your skills
  • 3. Thinking Like a Hustler: The basic principles of making money online
  • 4. Finding a Web Host: Where to set up your blog
  • 5. Working with WordPress: How to create a blog quickly and easily
  • 6. Going Beyond the Basics: Everything you need to know about running a website
  • 7. Getting Readers with Little to No Effort: How to gain an audience quickly
  • 8. Making Money: Turning your website into cold, hard cash
  • 9. They See You Bloggin', They Hatin': Protecting yourself from hackers and stalkers
  • 10. Final Thoughts: A concise summary of what you just learned

Praise for Confessions of an Online Hustler

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, the book will teach you everything you will need to get you started on your path to online fame and riches.

Alex Ding, AlexDing.com

…if you enjoy writing and wish to monetize your opinions and talents online, then this book will definitely add much value.

Anatoly Karlin, AKarlin.com

I wish I’d been able to draw on Matt’s years of experience three months ago before starting Man Ex Machina.

Black Knight, Man Ex Machina

For anybody with hoop dreams of making money online from home, this book is a good place to start.

Colin Post, Expat Chronicles

...a phenomenal resource packed to the brim with value.

David de Las Morenas, How to Beast

In Confessions, Forney writes about all the honest and decent ways to become a widely-read blogger.

Davis Aurini, Stares at the World

…an impressive piece of work that fits in nicely with some of the other manosphere literature.

Francis Begbie, The Soul is Not a Smithy

…an absolute must-read for anyone even considering starting a Red Pill blog.

Jonathan Frost, Thumotic

…[Matt] offers no bullshit, honest, well-written advice on how to build a profitable blog.

Halfbreed, Red Pill Game

It’s short, it’s to the point, and it accomplishes its goal: to prime you with the info you need to start writing for money.

Dr. Illusion, Illusion of Sanity

If you want to make money online and you have some conventionally disconcerting ideas trapped in your head, read on.

John II, Maillard Attraction

I can’t tell you how many times I wished I had a eBook with this type of information when I started in the blog game a few years ago.

Jose L. Romero, JoseLRomero.com

…[Forney's] explanations will save you countless hours fiddling with stupid stuff.

Koanic, Cyborganize

I would urge everyone here to read Matt Forney’s excellent book; it’ll be time well spent.

MarkyMark, MarkyMark's Thoughts on Various Issues

Matt simply tells it like it is and shows you how to be successful blogging, if you so choose.

Masculine Profiles, MasculineProfiles.com

…Matt really knows his shit.

Pill Scout, PillScout.com

For a first time author, Forney has managed to produce a comprehensive guide to online business that puts The 4-Hour Workweek to shame.

Robert Koch, 30 Days to X

I feel like I dodged a couple of bullets that might have been coming my way had I not read this book.

Ruxman, Ruxman.com

If making money online via a blog sounds like something that you’ve been dreaming about, then I highly recommend this book as a way to make your dreams a reality.

Seth Rose, Seth Rose Life

[Matt's] details are specific, his experience is genuine, and his writing is always interesting and never boring.

Tim, Spootville

Confessions of an Online Hustler aims to be a must-read guide for any man or woman who wants to make money online. The book is available in both paperback and e-book formats...

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