A Satirical Guide That Shows You How to Bang Fat Chicks

Big Lovin' is a satirical book that shows you how to pick up, seduce and bang overweight and obese women. It's a parody of both fat acceptance activists and pick-up artists.

Here's what you'll find inside...

  • What you need in order to bang fat girls
  • Where to find fat girls
  • A routine that will get most fat chicks to fall for you instantly
  • How to take a fat girl on a date
  • How to make love to a fat girl
  • Tips for picking up feminists, single moms and more

Much of the book is dedicated to the girls. You'll read...

  • The differences between fat girls and skinny bitches
  • Why body size and health have nothing to do with each other
  • What fat girls expect out of their men
  • How to approach fat chicks in public
  • Tips on wooing fatties with your culinary talents
  • A method for pleasing fat girls in the bedroom
  • How to build your own swine harem

The book teaches you what you need in order to go hoggin'. You'll learn...

  • The most important thing you need before you can bang fatties
  • How to supplement yourself if you fall short in the... manhood department
  • The only kind of date that fat chicks will enjoy
  • A recipe that will get even the coldest fattie to fall in love with you
  • How to avoid injuring yourself when you bang a fat girl

The 48-page book is organized into an introduction and seven chapters...

  • 1. What You Need: Preparing yourself before you go on safari
  • 2. Getting the Girl: The best places to go big game hunting
  • 3. Dating the Girl: Seducing your girl with a dinner date
  • 4. Banging the Girl: How to harpoon your whale without hurting yourself
  • 5. Other Tips: Advice on different types of orcas
  • 6. A Super-Sized Love Story: A tale of fatty-banging woe from my past
  • 7. Final Thoughts: A concise summary of what you just learned

Praise for Big Lovin'

So many books are dedicated to helping men land attractive women. When you're tired of those, this book can help!

Manth, Amazon

The fact is if you have ANY interest in plugging giant holes, the only way these big beautiful freaks are going to accept you is if you have read and studied Matt Forney’s new book.

Zampano, Amazon

Big Lovin' can serve as a gag gift for your player friend or as an amusing takedown of the "fat acceptance" movement. The book is available in both paperback and e-book formats...

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